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AI Tags+ for Confluence

Create tags using AI powered by ChatGPT


🔴 DEMO static screenshot while awaiting public Forge apps.


  1. Open

  2. Click the Get it now button in the top right.

  3. Install to your Confluence instance.

Getting Started

Type /aitags in the editor and select AI Tags+


Click Next below to step through all of the features and configuration options...


Exceeds the highest of security and data privacy standards:

  • 100% Cloud Fortified!

  • No data is accessed or processed within your Confluence instance.

  • Functional data is stored within Atlassian’s platform using the storage API.

  • Prompts are anonymized and stored in a secure external database to improve the AI model via fine-tuning.

  • App runs server-side on Atlassian’s Forge platform.

  • No token/secret storage.

  • Ongoing vulnerability testing.

data flow diagram

apps+ details

Transparent technical details of the secure data flows in/out of Apps+


Prompts entered by the user.

Where running on Cloudflare.


Sent to OpenAI GPT-4 model to return component mappings and insights.


Refer to the OpenAI usage policies for more details.


{app, host, user, prompt, result, timestamp}


Cloudflare Workers KV.


host and user are anonymous Atlassian IDs. The prompt is also anonymized.


Due to technical limitations you’ll need to click the Toggle to refresh checkbox a few times in the macro config sidebar.

AI can be brilliant when it works, but often it'll return unexpected results. Here’s some tips:

  • Try the examples listed when first inserting the macro.

  • Keep your input message simple and literal.

  • If it doesn’t work, try again with a different input message.

  • If you still have problems, contact

We use a custom trained AI model to convert your natural language input into functional components that map onto Atlassian’s Forge UI kit components.


Our team provide fast 24/7 support. We typically respond within minutes-hours and aim to resolve any problems in the same day.

✅ Any questions

✅ Technical support

✅ Feature requests


🕓 Mon-Sun 24hrs

🌏 Sydney, Australia


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