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AI LaTeX+ for Confluence

Generate LaTeX using AI powered by ChatGPT


🔴 DEMO static screenshot while awaiting public Forge apps.


  1. Open

  2. Click the Get it now button in the top right.

  3. Install to your Confluence instance.

Getting Started

Type /ailatex in the editor and select AI LaTeX+


Click Next below to step through all of the features and configuration options...


Exceeds the highest of security and data privacy standards:

  • 100% Cloud Fortified!

  • No data is accessed or processed within your Confluence instance.

  • Functional data is stored within Atlassian’s platform using the storage API.

  • Prompts are anonymized and stored in a secure external database to improve the AI model via fine-tuning.

  • App runs server-side on Atlassian’s Forge platform.

  • No token/secret storage.

  • Ongoing vulnerability testing.

data flow diagram

apps+ details

Transparent technical details of the secure data flows in/out of Apps+


Prompts entered by the user.

Where running on Cloudflare.


Sent to OpenAI GPT-4 model to return component mappings and insights.


Refer to the OpenAI usage policies for more details.


Submitted LaTeX equation.

Where running on Cloudflare.


Converts the LaTeX into an image that can be rendered in Confluence.


{app, host, user, prompt, result, timestamp}


Cloudflare Workers KV.


host and user are anonymous Atlassian IDs. The prompt is also anonymized.


Due to technical limitations you’ll need to click the Toggle to refresh checkbox a few times in the macro config sidebar.

AI can be brilliant when it works, but often it'll return unexpected results. Here’s some tips:

  • Try the examples listed when first inserting the macro.

  • Keep your input message simple and literal.

  • If it doesn’t work, try again with a different input message.

  • If you still have problems, contact


Our team provide fast 24/7 support. We typically respond within minutes-hours and aim to resolve any problems in the same day.

✅ Any questions

✅ Technical support

✅ Feature requests


🕓 Mon-Sun 24hrs

🌏 Sydney, Australia


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