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Tabs+ for Confluence

Embed all the tools your team use in one beautiful app



TABS+ Lite



Click the Get it now or Try it free button to install:

Price: lite version is free, paid version has a pricing calculator.

Note: an active payment method is required to install apps (inc free apps).

Getting Started

macro Type /tabs in the editor and select Tabs+ Lite or Tabs+ Pro in the dropdown.

auto embed Paste your shared app link directly into the editor.


Search or select an app, follow the embed instructions or click View Tutorial for a visual guide.


Click Next below to step through all of the features and configuration options...


Exceeds the highest of security and data privacy standards:

  • 100% Cloud Fortified!

  • Does not access or process any data within your Confluence instance or embedded tools.

  • Stores only necessary embed link and configuration data.

  • Data stored only within your Confluence instance region using content attachments.

  • No external database.

  • No token/secret storage.

  • Static app runs client-side.

  • Ongoing vulnerability testing.

data flow diagram

apps+ details

Transparent technical details of the secure data flows in/out of Apps+


Static build of the app.

Where* running on Cloudflare.


Loads all the HTML, CSS and JS required to run the app.


User-pasted links to embed external tools.

Where running on Cloudflare.


To check the broken/ok HTTP status without affecting client-side performance.


Links and logs are not stored.


The pasted link is either broken, incorrect, has a permissions issue, or it’s a bug. Click the View Tutorial button and follow the visual guide to copy the link.

If that doesn’t work please contact us via

  • Edit titles: double-click on the titles, change the text and press Enter.

  • Re-order tabs: drag and drop the tab titles.

Lefthand config sidebar:

  • Delete tabs: click the X icon and then the red bin icon.

  • Change icons: search or view all and then select.

  • Change colors: click the color box and select a new color.

Click the bottom-right Save button in the macro editor.

If you still have problems it could be a bug. Please contact us via


Our team provide fast 24/7 support. We typically respond within minutes-hours and aim to resolve any problems in the same day.

✅ Any questions

✅ Technical support

✅ Feature requests


🕓 Mon-Sun 24hrs

🌏 Sydney, Australia