Update This+ for Confluence

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Insert new

  1. Type /update in the editor and select Update This+

  2. Or alternatively:

    1. Select the + icon in the Confluence editor, then View more.

    2. Search for “countdown” or find it in the Confluence content category.

    3. Select Update This+ and the custom macro editor will open.

Update existing

  1. In the Confluence editor, hover over the Update This+ macro.

  2. Click the pencil edit icon to open the custom macro editor.

Does this feature the oldest content?

Nope it features the oldest updated or most outdated content within the content type, space or label filters you specify. By “oldest updated” we mean it was last updated a very long time ago.

What does the time duration do?

This sets the duration of each “update sprint cycle”. eg if you use the default of 24 hours @ 9:00am this means that every 24 hours starting from 9am (your timezone) the next oldest updated content is featured.

If you select 1 week @ 9:00am then it will cycle on Monday 9am (your timezone). Otherwise all other cycle durations are calculated from the selected time of the current day in which the macro is first created.

Why didn’t it cycle to the next sprint?

If no updates were made to the content during the update sprint cycle, then the content will remain featured and the countdown timer will be reset. Update the featured content to cycle to the next oldest updated content.

What’s with the random image?

If the featured content has a JPG image attachment, then it will be extracted and used as a thumbnail.

Where have the avatars gone?

In the editor and preview view, the macro displays some demo placeholder avatar photos (look for the tiny “demo” top left). If you have selected to show avatars but there have been no updates since the update sprint cycle began, then the avatars section is hidden. As soon as someone updates the linked content their profile photo will display in the avatar section.

Where has the previous content gone?

If you’ve selected to show previous, this section will only display after your first completed update sprint cycle. As with avatars, a demo placeholder is shown when in editor and preview views.