Panel Macro+ for Confluence

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Insert panel macro

  1. Type /panel in the editor and select Panel Macro+

  2. Or alternatively:

    1. Select the + icon in the Confluence editor, then View more.

    2. Search for “panel” or find it in the Confluence content category.

    3. Select Panel Macro+ and the custom macro editor will open.

Update panel macro

  1. In the Confluence editor, hover over the panel macro.

  2. Click the pencil edit icon to open the custom macro editor.

Show/hide features in the panel

  1. In the macro editor, select or remove features in the top-left dropdown.

  2. As you configure features and options in the sidebar, they will be reflected in realtime.

Note #1: if you select “Collapsible” it will auto-select both “Title” and “Scrollable”.

  • You will need to first removeCollapsible” in order to remove “Title” or “Scrollable”.

Note #2: if you select “Icon” or “Lozenge” it will auto-select “Title

  • You will need to first removeIcon” or “Lozenge” in order to remove “Title”.

How to change colors

  1. Click on one of the colored boxes to open the color picker.

  2. Click on one of the 15 preset Atlassian-standard colors.

  3. Or drag the two circles around until you land on the perfect color.

  4. Note: you can also paste in a HEX color code.

Adding content to the panel

While in the Confluence editor view, simply click inside the “Panel Macro+” macro box where you can type, edit and format your page content as usual. Click “Publish” when you’re done to see the result.