Search Results+ for Confluence

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Filters tab

  1. Select from a variety of search result filter options.

  2. As you make selections, the macro will update in realtime.

  3. If unexpected or zero results are returned, keep tweaking your filters.

Display tab

  1. Play with the different macro display options.

  2. The macro will update in realtime.

CQL tab

  1. CQL stands for “Confluence Query Language”.

  2. For advanced users only, since this can get complicated.

  3. Click the toggle to enable CQL. Open the docs for full CQL query options.

  4. As you edit the custom CQL query, the macro will update in realtime.

  5. If your CQL query has any errors the “Valid” checkmark will notify you.

Inserting the macro

  1. Type /search in the editor and select Search Results+

  2. Or alternatively:

    1. Select the + icon in the Confluence editor, then View more.

    2. Search for “search results” or find it in the Confluence content category.

    3. Select Search Results+ and the macro will be inserted.