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Search Results+ for Confluence

Display a pre-defined search results macro to surface filtered content on any page




  1. Open

  2. Click the Try it free button for a free 30 day trial.

  3. Install to your Confluence instance.

Pricing: free up to 10 users or use the pricing calculator.

Note: an active payment method is required to install apps.

Getting Started

Type /search in the editor and select Search Results+


Click Next below to step through all of the features and configuration options...


Exceeds the highest of security and data privacy standards:

  • 100% Cloud Fortified!

  • Data stored only within your Confluence instance region using macroParameters.

  • No external database.

  • No token/secret storage.

  • Static app runs client-side.

  • Ongoing vulnerability testing.

data flow diagram

apps+ details

Transparent technical details of the secure data flows in/out of Apps+


Static build of the app.

Where running on Cloudflare.


Loads all the HTML, CSS and JS required to run the app.


The filters tab allows you to perform a complex search query on your Confluence content with a very simple interface. The results rendered as a macro are displayed in real-time in the editor.

In the Labels filter enter the content labels you wish to query for and then toggle on Match All to return results that contain ALL of those labels. On = AND. Off = OR.

CQL is the Confluence Query Language. Our app makes it easy for you to write CQL queries without needing to know CQL (it all happens behind the scenes!). Optionally you can write your own queries in the CQL tab.

Max Height sets the total number of visible results before needing to scroll; eg if set to 5 you will see the first 5 results before scrolling. Truncate shortens the result titles; eg 50 will show the first 50 characters.


Our team provide fast 24/7 support. We typically respond within minutes-hours and aim to resolve any problems in the same day.

✅ Any questions

✅ Technical support

✅ Feature requests


🕓 Mon-Sun 24hrs

🌏 Sydney, Australia


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