Incoming Links+ for Confluence

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  1. Total incoming links is displayed in the byline on every page and blog post.

  2. The byline icon will be hidden if there are zero incoming links.

  3. Click the icon to open further statistics.

  4. Click through the tabs to dive into more details.

Stats tab

Displays the total incoming links and total unique incoming spaces (where links originate).

List of all the incoming links. Click to open in a new tab.

Spaces tab

List of unique spaces next to a total number of links originating from that space.

Network graph

  1. Click “View network graph” in the byline to open the dialog.

  2. Double-click an icon to load the incoming links for that content.

  3. The audit tab will reflect what is visible on the network graph.

  4. To export the audit tab to CSV (with extra data) click the top-right download icon.

  5. To close the dialog click the “X” icon in the top-right.

Inserting the macro

  1. Type /incoming in the editor and select Incoming Links+

  2. Or alternatively:

    1. Select the + icon in the Confluence editor, then View more.

    2. Search for “incoming” or find it in the Confluence content category.

    3. Select Incoming Links+ and the macro will be inserted.