Broken Links+ for Confluence

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When you first install the app, we will run a global indexer which will check your entire Confluence instance for broken links. After that completes, content will be checked periodically:

  • immediately when you create or edit content.

  • if it has been 7+ days since last check of external or internal links.

  1. Total broken links is displayed in the byline on every page and blog post.

    1. Note: you can hide this byline in the “Settings” tab on the reporting page.

  2. The byline icon will be hidden if there are zero broken links.

  3. Click the icon to open further statistics.

  4. Click through the tabs to dive into more details.

  1. Click the Apps dropdown in the top navigation bar and select Broken Links+.

  2. The table lists all content with broken links, sorted by total in descending order.

  3. Filter by title, space or broken type: attachment, blog, external (web), page and/or space.

“After the free trial you can view all X RESULTS”

  • The app provides ongoing automated monitoring of broken links across your entire Confluence instance.

  • But the initial instance-wide indexer provides a large chunk of value during the free trial period.

  • To prevent abuse of this loophole we’ve had to limit the reporting results until after the trial period.

  • Free trials are between 30-59 days depending on when your billing cycle starts.

  • Note: Atlassian does not provide an option to end the free trial early.

First try edit the content to immediately trigger the checking process. We intentionally implemented a 7 day delay on broken link checks so that your page load times remain as fast as possible. If that doesn’t work please email us to the link to fix:

If the link is inaccessible to the public internet (eg intranet) then it will be incorrectly flagged as broken.

To fix this problem follow these steps:

  1. Open the reporting page (top-nav “Apps” dropdown).

  2. Click the “Settings” tab.

  3. Add the domain names you wish to ignore (you can also use regex).

  4. Click “Save”.

  5. Return to “Reports” tab to confirm it worked.

Known limitations on Atlassian side

Due to some limits Atlassian places on developers here are the current known limitations:

  • Internal broken links can only be identified within the current Confluence instance.

  • The “x broken” byline dropdown is hidden when there are 0 broken links to avoid clutter, as a result it will behave differently depending on the current status.

    • Already visible in byline (1+ broken):

      • Page loads.

      • Script runs.

      • 0 or more broken links found.

      • Byline updates in realtime.

    • Not visible in byline (0 broken):

      • Page loads.

      • Script runs.

      • 1 or more broken links found.

      • Byline will only become visible AFTER refreshing the page.