Broken Links+ for Confluence

  1. Total broken links is displayed in the byline on every page and blog post.

  2. The byline icon will be hidden if there are zero broken links.

  3. Click the icon to open further statistics.

  4. Click through the tabs to dive into more details.

Stats tab

Displays the total broken links and total links being monitored (that are not broken).

Broken tab

List of all the broken links. Note: attachments and blog posts will have generic names.

Monitoring tab

List of non-broken links that are being monitored. This will include spaces and external web links.

  1. Click the Apps dropdown in the top navigation bar and select Broken Links+.

  2. The table lists all content with broken links, sorted by total in descending order.

  3. Filter by space or broken type: attachment, blog, external (web), page and/or space.

  4. Click the content title and open the byline dialog for further details.

In order to minimize your page load times, the app is very careful and selective.

  • When you edit a piece of content, the app will check for broken links.

  • When you view a piece of content, one of two functions will fire:

    • If the last content check was >30 days ago it will check again for broken links.

    • If a monitoring link was checked >7 days ago, the oldest link will be checked