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Pomodoro Timer+ for Confluence/Jira

Focus on tasks and get things done with this beautiful inline Pomodoro timer and todo list


🔴 DEMO static screenshots while awaiting public Forge apps.





Click the Try it free button to install a free 30 day trial:

Price: free up to 10 users! Pricing calculators: Confluence and Jira.

Note: an active payment method is required to install apps.

Getting Started

confluence Type /pomodoro in the editor and select Pomodoro Timer+

jira Click Pomodoro Timer+ in the righthand issue sidebar.


Click Next below to step through all of the features and configuration options...


Exceeds the highest of security and data privacy standards:

  • 100% Cloud Fortified!

  • Data is stored within your Confluence/Jira instance region using the storage API.

  • No Confluence/Jira content is accessed or processed.

  • App runs server-side on Atlassian’s Forge platform.

  • No token/secret storage.

  • Ongoing vulnerability testing.

data flow diagram

apps+ details

As you can see in the data flow diagram above, the app itself is hosted/runs and all storage occurs entirely within Atlassian’s Forge infrastructure. The app does not require or interact with any of Apps+ APIs.


  • Add: click in the bottom textbox, type your task and hit Enter.

  • Edit: double-click on a task or hover and click the little edit pencil icon.

  • Delete: hover and click the delete icon, twice.

  • Reorder: drag-drop a task.

  • Mark as done: click the task.

No, your settings and todo tasks are private to you (though keep them safe-for-work).

In other words: you and a colleague can view the same Pomodoro timer on the same Confluence/Jira page and it will only load your todos. Additionally your todo list is global meaning it will display anywhere the Pomodoro timer is inserted.

Click the little up/down arrow icons next to the timer to increment or decrement in 5min intervals. This new time for either the focus or break session will be saved to your personal settings as a default.

Click the little refresh icon in the top-right. This will permanently remove any tasks marked as done.

When auto mode is enabled, your break session will automatically follow your focus session and so on until you pause the timer.


Our team provide fast 24/7 support. We typically respond within minutes-hours and aim to resolve any problems in the same day.

✅ Any questions

✅ Technical support

✅ Feature requests


🕓 Mon-Sun 24hrs

🌏 Sydney, Australia


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