Countdown Timer+ for Confluence

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Insert countdown timer

  1. Type /countdown in the editor and select Countdown Timer+

  2. Or alternatively:

    1. Select the + icon in the Confluence editor, then View more.

    2. Search for “countdown” or find it in the Communications category.

    3. Select Countdown Timer+ and the custom macro editor will open.

Update countdown timer

  1. In the Confluence editor, hover over the countdown timer.

  2. Click the pencil edit icon to open the custom macro editor.

How do I resize the text and timer?

Scroll to the bottom of the configuration sidebar in the editor. There you will see two sliders to change the size of the text and countdown timer. Drag to see a real-time resize. Be sure to keep within the dotted width hint line.

What does the dotted resize hint mean?

The dotted line represents the smallest Confluence page width on a laptop or tablet device. If you keep the countdown timer size to within those bounds, then it should display nicely on all devices.

Can I just show days only?

Yep, simply select days as the smallest units in the configuration sidebar.

Can I count business days only?

Yep, toggle the Weekend option off. This will exclude Saturday and Sunday from the countdown.

How do I create a countup timer?

Simply select a past date and time in the dropdown and the timer will automatically count UP from that date.